Sociology Students' Association

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The Association of the Sociology Students in Sofia University is organizing this years ESSA Spring School and General Assembly. The topic of the School is "New Forms of Human Rights and Civic Engagement in the 21st century".

About ESSA
European Sociology Students’ Association (ESSA) was founded in Sovata, Romania on March 2, 2003 after its initial inception two years earlier as South East Europe Sociology Students’ Association. Its founding was initiated by the sociology students’ club “Discrepancy” from the University of Zagreb, Croatia and was finally established by sociology students from Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia.

ASSSU is an independant non-profit organization and a member of the ESSA network.


Our main purpose is to support students and young people in their education; to advocate for their educational and civic rights; to organize public debates on hot issues of the contemporary society; to establish and develop network of similar organizations from Eastern Europe and the Balkan region in order to stimulate initiatives and activities, related to sociological reflection on similar social problems and development trends in the region.

One of the chief goals of the association is establishing cooperation among students in the Social studies and Humanities at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and other universities in Bulgaria and abroad.
The Association works towards this goal through the following activities:
- designing and carrying out scientific projects
- organising initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education
- publishing student works, organising publicity events, and seeking other alternative ways of spreading sociological ideas
- co-operating with other Bulgarian social and scientific organizations in the fields of Social studies and Humanities
- establishing and maintaining relations with similar student and scientific organizations and associations in Bulgaria and abroad
- providing information about education, internship and student exchange opportunities abroad, grants and project applications in Bulgaria and abroad

Areas of activity
- providing information (making analysis and prognoses);
- preparing strategies - short-term and longterm programs;
- accomplishing programs, which goals communication and education;
- creating and putting into practice uniform information system;
- free evaluation;
- arranging seminars, meetings, conferences;
- taking part in local and transnational projects;
- preparing statistics research works;
- preparing sociological research works.

Legal Status
Non-profit organization.